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Anonymous asked:

Do you have a favorite (new) set of armor in Dark Souls 2? I personally think the shadow gear from Flexile NG+'s buddies looks really cool!

Shadow set is really imaginative, shame you can’t get the golden shadow mask from the other one.

My favorite is probably Mad Warrior, followed closely by Velstadt’s set.


Anonymous asked:

Menaslg, out of all the characters in DsK2 (bosses included), which ones are your top three favorite's? (can't say Straid and/or Vengarl, they are always on top no matter what, give the other characters a chance. ;)

1) Velstadt because goddamn that armor is beautiful, also he beats you to death with a bell, which is always cool

2) Ashen Knight Boyd, because he gets shit done, the illegitimate child of Tarkus

3)Laddersmith Gilligan, because he’s a great storyteller

Ok so I got 6 more requests here but since it’s late I’m gonna have to leave it for tomorrow.

This is the order I’ll be doing them in:

1. Bloathead Sorcerer making bacon and eggs

2. Chosen Undead in Knight set wielding a Winged Spear

3. Gwyn and family have an awkward breakfast

4. Mildred vs Miralda

5. Kalameet

6. Tower Knight and Penetrator

Gotta go sleep now.

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